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The Assignment One is a 4 page essay paper (approximately 1100-1200 words). The

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Sociology | 0 comments

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The Assignment One is a 4 page essay paper
(approximately 1100-1200 words). The essay must be typed and a word count must appear
on the first or last page of the essay. You can use the textbook and any additional external
material (like films, journal articles, internet publications, newspaper articles, reference texts,
opinion pieces etc. government records etc.) to complete your research in this area and use
them as supplementary sources to complete the essay. Please mention your research sources
(you will be using multiple sources) in APA style at the end of your essay in a bibliography
section. If you do not know how to do APA citation, please make an appointment with Dr.
David McMillan at BSU library who would both help you with APA citation style as well as
finding resources regarding your assignment. Citing any external source you use is mandatory
without which writing is considered to be plagiarism. The essay must demonstrate your
understanding and application of sociological vocabulary and theories you have learned in the
Principles of Sociology course, critical thinking and critical analysis abilities in Sociology.
Make the essay as clear as possible with clear examples and illustrations – they fetch points.
Please pay attention to rules of grammar, sentence structure, paragraphs and word count.
Please use Word document to write your answer – Times New Roman font 12 is the most
commonly accepted standard for formal paper writing, so I recommend you use that. Upload
your assignment in word doc. OR as a pdf. File.

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