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As you are now aware, there are 4 sub-fields of Anthropology, each focusing on a

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Anthropology | 0 comments

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As you are now aware, there are 4 sub-fields of Anthropology, each focusing on a different though related aspect of humans’ present and past. For the following research scenarios, identify which sub-field is most likely to address the topic discussed. Your submission should include for each scenario, which sub-field would be involved and which element(s) of the scenario justifies your decision. Make sure your answers are as comprehensive as they need to be, but your write-up does not have to be 1-page in length. It likely will not take you that much space to do a good job.
1. Anthropologists have studied the role of soybean curd and its related by-products in the culture of Hong Kong. The researchers interviewed people about how frequently they ate soybean products, where they ate them, and during what time of day they ate them. The researchers also asked people about how they prepare soybean products, where they obtain soybean products, and any beliefs they might have about the soybean products. The data were used to assess the role of soybean products in the culture. The researchers also considered how this relates to global soybean consumption patterns.
2. An anthropologist has been researching how Native Americans in California were impacted by Spanish missionization. The researcher is particularly interested in how Native Californians may have negotiated their identity and balanced traditional practices with colonial influences. Therefore, the anthropologist excavates material remains from areas where the Native Californians may have gone when they fled the Spanish missions. The material remains include things such as stone tools, shell beads, and historic bottle glass. These materials are analyzed and used in.

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