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here is the link to the text:
Password: Sandiego92*
Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 in your course textbook.
In this discussion, you will consider how the “Renaissance” or “Reformation” can be understood as periods of change rather than as events. You will also consider how these movements examined the past for generating change or innovation.
Choose one of the societies or regions examined in this week’s readings or tour. In your initial posting, explain the process or period of cultural change in the context of your chosen society or region by addressing at least one of the following themes:
How did change occur due to reappraising sources of antiquity?
How was change generated by an effort to recapture or recreate a “golden era” or past ideals?
How was change part of critiquing “corruption,” whether in
examples: changes in classical Latin, changes in languages of biblical antiquity
examples: deviation from theological texts from the past, deviation from literary forms of the past, deviation from aesthetics of the past.
What social or cultural conditions provided the context for change?
What was unique or new in the realm of cultural production, religion, or social norms?
You are encouraged to refer to specific examples of intellectual and aesthetic production in discussing your chosen society and theme (e.g., works of art, architecture, music, literature).
As you work through your chosen theme, keep in mind other issues, such as
What other periods of “rebirth” or “reform” have you observed? Where?
In what contexts?
What conditions generate cultural change or innovation?
What factors promote the development of literary, religious, or artistic culture?
Who does the cultural activity associated with such periods of change benefit?
Who participates in cultural activity associated with periods of change? Who does not? Why?

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