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My topic is the adoption of black children by white families. The reality to ke

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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My topic is the adoption of black children by white families. The reality to keep their heritage and culture.
Your assignment is to prepare an annotated bibliography using the current APA documentation style. The assignment consists of a list of sources and an annotation for each source. These sources should correspond with the topic you choose for your Classical Argument Position paper.
The list of sources must contain:
The subject of your research, stated at the top of the page.
Seven sources of information about your subject, including At least two articles from one or more databases in the Hunt Library.
At least one scholarly article.
All sources are correctly documented in the current APA style.
Double-spacing throughout the entire annotated bibliography.
Special note: Wikipedia or other encyclopedias are not acceptable sources for scholarly work. Do not use Wikipedia or any encyclopedia as sources for this or any academic assignment.
The annotation for each source must contain A short, objective summary (1-3 sentences) of the information found in the source.
An evaluation of the source’s credibility, reliability, currency, possible bias, and usefulness with respect to your topic (2-3 sentences).
This assignment cannot be revised. You are expected to use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association to ensure your documentation is correct. If you have any questions, please contact your instructor for guidance.
Review the following example using the current APA documentation style. The words in italics (summary and evaluation) do not need to be in your work; they are here just for the clarity of the example.
Subject: Homeschooling
Bauer, S. W., & Wise, J. (2016). The well-trained mind: A guide to classical education (4th ed.).
New York, NY: Norton.
The authors discuss how homeschooling, by using the trivium method of education, can make children
well-rounded. This method involves, in part, teaching grammar, logic, and rhetoric at different stages
The authors provide a plethora of information for anyone considering homeschooling, including
suggested curricula, information on support groups and online resources (summary). This is a credible
source written by two long-time educators with experience in homeschooling. This is a useful source for
readers wanting to understand the benefits of homeschooling and the process to get started (evaluation).
Please proceed to the Paper Assignment Information section.

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