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Now that we have finished learning about the “arc” of theatre history– from the

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Literature | 0 comments

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Now that we have finished learning about the “arc” of theatre history– from the Greeks to the Modern era, I would like for you to choose a particular style of theatre from our historical timeline that is of interest to you– it could be anything, even an era that we didn’t fully explore, like Melodrama or Neoclassical theatre. I would suggest avoiding the Renaissance era, since our reading of Othello was from this era.
For this week, I would you to do a small research project on a play– one that we have NOT looked at in class (we have done OTHELLO, AMERICAN DREAM & THEATRICAL WORLDS)–
See if you can find a play for your particular era that seems both interesting to you and that fits within the characteristics of the era you have chosen.
The research project doesn’t need to be huge–
-FIRST, find a few summaries of the play, and then find some outside reading on the theatrical era it falls into. Explain what the play includes, and why it would fall into the conventions of the particular theatrical style that was dominant during it’s time. (Please be sure to cite your sources as you use them, so I can know where you are getting your information from. Also, DO NOT COPY AND PASTE YOUR SUMMARY! You should have a good working knowledge of the play from your reading and be able to describe it in your own terms. Plagiarism will receive a ZERO, and you will be referred to the student academic offices. Cite your sources in MLA style! Additionally please double check that the play you choose is in the correct era and style of theatrical history. Wrongly locating a play and it’s style will lead to fewer points!)
Finally, explain how your particular production exemplifies (or challenges!) the style of plays during that era.
Responses should be 3-4 paragraphs long, about 1400-1800words. They will be graded on the depth of your inquiry and critical thinking, the accuracy of information provided, and the development of understanding of the relationship between the play and the theatrical style, as well as correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

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