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New Post by Tyler Harris: I’ll remember the cell production process example. It includes every guide meeting technique combined with the use of the trying-out technique. Different testers, including those for RF, Audio, Camera, and WIFI, are used to assess the capabilities of mobile tools. The RF check has the longest check times of all the meeting & test methods, making it the bottleneck station. When a level with a longer cycle time compares to other techniques, the cellular growth at that level starts to evolve. The method of looking ahead is known as the buffer or WIP. The bottleneck will move to the next bottleneck level if the number of testers increases. The movement of materials will be related to the transportation of garbage. Work in progress (WIP) is a sort of waste that is considered in inventory. Mobile device malfunction is regarded as a defect-type of waste. The best usage of the factory floor and the operator’s minimal motion should be taken into consideration for less cloth motion. Functional failure can be controlled by presenting the proper space to keep the cell in the manufacturing area so that any harmful effects should no longer occur, and it will generate the right effect on cloth motion so that WIP can be controlled.
Krajewski, L. J., Malhotra, M. K., & Ritzman, L. P. (2016). Operations management (11th ed.). Pearson.
New Post by Rebecca Waller: I’ll use the mobile manufacturing process as an example. It involves a fully hand assembling process, which is followed by testing. To test the functionality of a mobile device, a variety of testers including RF, Audio, Camera, and WIFI test are used. Out of all the assembling and testing processes, the RF test takes the longest, making it the bottleneck station. When a stage has a longer cycle time than other processes, it starts to generate more mobile pending at that specific stage. Device that is waiting for a process is known as a buffer or WIP. The bottleneck will go to the next bottleneck stage if you increase the number of testers.
The non-value-added activities in the process must be eliminated when the lean system is applied to the mobile assembly process. NVA activity includes unwanted motion, stage work in progress functional failure, and superfluous material movement, among others. Layout change: To reduce material movement, the factory floor must be used to its full potential, and operator mobility should be kept to a minimum. To prevent damage or impact from occurring to the mobile device inside the manufacturing floor and to generate a positive influence on material movement, functional failure can be controlled. This will help to reduce the amount of work in progress (WIP).
Lee Krajewski, M. M. (n.d.). Operations Management: Process and Supply Chains. Pearson

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