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Read “Dating the Past.” Scroll down the Modules page and select “Dating the Pa

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Read “Dating the Past.” Scroll down the Modules page and select “Dating the Past,” Part 1 and Part 2.”
NOTE: The videos are created in Window Media Player. If you use a Mac computer, you will need to download an additional free program. Although there are many options, the most popular appears to be the VideoLAN VLC Media Player –
Keep in mind that this is an interactive assignment. Thus, you should read all or as many posts as possible if you are to benefit from this activity.
ASSIGNMENT: View the “City of Pompeii” (Vesuvius) video. view the “Birth of Archaeology” video
(If the link doesn’t open directly, click the “A and down arrow” at the end of the title to download in a format that you choose. Or, go to “Pages” and select the video and do the same).
As you view the Vesuvius video, try to make some connections between it and more recent earthquakes in Italy at the appropriate place in your discussion. (The purpose of viewing these videos is to introduce you to the science of archaeology as we provide some historical perspective on the term “buried cities” as seen in the Vesuvius earthquake video and those that follow).
View the Chapter 2 Powerpoint in the Course Documents forum then begin the discussion.
Discussion Question (DQ): (1) What is science and how does it explain things? (2) Tree-Ring dating (dendrochronology), one of the oldest and simplest forms of dating techniques is still used today. Why do you think this is so. Fully explain why and include a brief explanation of the process.

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