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The main assignment is as follows, further instructions are attached, as well as

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The main assignment is as follows, further instructions are attached, as well as the necessary class material.
You are expected to put together a plan that will demonstrate how the venture will create value for
potential customers/clients and how the venture will capture that value. Apart from profit, the venture
may also aim either for a social or an environmental objective. (2030 Sustainable Development
If there is a dual objective the business model should highlight the needed collaborations and partnerships.
You need to provide strong supporting evidence both for the opportunity as well to fully describe and
justify the proposed business model.
The business model canvas would be a suitable way to visually
present it and then to elaborate on it.
The report should include facts and/or estimates about market /industry and you should cite the source
Coursework Handout 3 CBE
Entrepreneurship & Small Business 2wherever appropriate. It should include the financial planning and forecasting data that is required in order
to prove the financial sustainability (viability).
You need to address how the venture would be resourced and financed. This means an estimate of the
start-up capital requirements and how this will be allocated but also what would be the sources of finance
that would be used.
Clearly, the resourcing depends highly on how you have structured the relevant
business model components.
Having already identified the revenue model you should make some reasonable assumptions regarding
the expected volume of sales and the growth potential. Likewise, based on the defined cost structure in
your business model, specify your startup and operating expenses and project the venture’s profit.
(Identify your fixed and variable costs and estimate the break- even volume.
Last but not least, estimate your cash flows and particularly attempt to estimate the cash burn rate.
The financial section should include a complete set of financial statements (income statement, balance
sheet and cash budget) for the initial three years of the venture.

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