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Your Research Methodology and Design You need to select one of the methods that

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Your Research Methodology and Design
You need to select one of the methods that we have been studying that seems to best fit the needs of your research question. (P.S I SUGGEST YOU CHOOSE “EXPERIMENT” FOR ONE OF THE METHODS FOR THE RESEARCH QUESTION) In other words, describe how you will operationalize you research question of interest. While it may be that more than one method could be employed, you should settle on one method, then describe why it is appropriate or fits the needs of your question of interest (i.e., theory testing vs. theory building; looking for causal relationship; exploration; description, etc.). This will be your rationale for the design choice. You will also provide some detail as to the specific elements of the design, appropriate to the method. For survey, for example, you would identify the population of interest, and describe your sampling plan.
For an experiment, for example, you need to describe the independent variable(s), the dependent variable(s), and how random assignment to condition will be achieved. You should use the language appropriate to the method in describing the variables of interest, the measures to be implemented, the hypotheses tested, the data collection plan, etc. You can use the methods sections of the article assignments on each method as examples to guide you. This document Download document tells you the specific elements for each of the major methods we have covered. You must include some example measures that assess your key variables of interest (i.e., survey questions for survey; in-depth interview questions for field methods; dependent measures for experiments; coding categories for content analysis).
One helpful strategy in doing this assignment is to read through how research articles that use your method write about their research design. While they write in past tense (about what they actually did), you will write in future tense (about what you will do). Keep in mind, you do not actually have to do the research itself, so you do not need to worry about whether it is possible for you to complete the proposed work this summer. But it still should be feasible in the sense that the research meets ethical standards and could be done by a social science researcher.
Using experiment method means:
•The experimental design is the best way to test a tightly defined hypothesis, especially where the goal of determining causality is primary. It is especially useful when the goal of the research is explanation, including when the project involves program evaluation.
•In its purest form, an experiment is a systematic attempt to test a causal hypothesis about the effect of variations of one factor (an independent variable) on another factor (the dependent variable). The defining feature, then, is varying the independent variable, while maintaining all
other factors the same.
•Independent variable: Just to be redundant (!), this is the cause in the cause and effect relationship. Its presence (or level) determines the outcome.
•Dependent variable: This is the effect in the cause and effect relationship. This is expected to vary depending on the level or presence of the independent variable.

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