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All responses should reflect your own personal point of view!

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Fashion | 0 comments

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read the articles attached with the assignment: “Fashion does not matter now” “Stranger, sadder and more surreal”
I attached abbreviated versions of the articles with important points highlighted.
You may also read the entire articles and see the images following the links provided.
google more articles dealing with the topic of discussion
part 1: essay, should be about page and a half typed. Do not just rewrite the article!
All responses should reflect your own personal point of view!
Include your thoughts on following: does fashion still matter?
talk about ‘quiet fashion’, ‘low key’, ‘sober and businesslike’ Do you agree with these points?
talk about Coco Chanel quote: ‘fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happenning’ Another words, is fashion political or strictly fun and utilitarian?
talk about your identity as a person and the fashion designer: how is your thinking affected by the continuous world crisis
respond to Rick Owens quote: ‘during the times of heartbreak, beauty can be one of the ways to maintain faith’ Do you agree with that statement? What more could designers offer?
make your own predictions: would fashion become more meaningful? If yes, in what way?
essay should be in your personal voice and reflect your opinions.
Part 2: at least 5 images from any Fall 2022 fashion show (could be any resource), proving the point of view that you expressed in the essay. balenciaga-show-pays-tribute-to-ukraines-refugees

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