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Analysis is a must.

by | Sep 20, 2022 | History | 0 comments

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What is meant by the term “industrious revolution?” What role did merchant guilds play in the urban economy? Why did Adam Smith and other economists of the era think that guilds were obstacles to progress and innovation? In your education opinion, and based on your research, what makes Smith’s view revolutionary for the time? Did the older guild system represent more economic freedom for women, or was Smith’s free market economy system more liberating?
Begin by first researching the topic(s). Then write the essay. You must research and cite a minimum of three individual sources to answer the prompts. Do not list the same source twice (it will count as only one source in your bibliography, though you may cite any source as often as you like.) and you must address the entire set of prompts. These sources must be parenthetically cited in your essay —like this (Spie;vogel, 15.2)– and listed in your Works Cited/Bibliography at the end.
An additional summary paragraph is required (not included in the 250 word paragraphs). This summary should tell the reader what you learned about all of these topics in your research and how that information helped shape your point of view on these debate subjects,
Analysis is a must. At least half of your research post should contain a critical thinking component (comparing the pros and cons and then defending one side or the other), and should be well argued.

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