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Bring to mind a student who exhibits a fixed mindset.

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Education | 0 comments

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This module’s resources introduced “fixed” and “growth” mindsets and their impact on teaching and learning. Think about the benefits of fostering a growth mindset, particularly for those students who have negative perceptions of themselves as learners. Bring to mind a student who exhibits a fixed mindset. Consider how differentiating instruction to help all students achieve the same high learning goals (KUDs) and communicating your belief that students will meet these expectations might promote a growth mindset in this student. Next, consider perceptions you have held as both a child and an adult about your own capabilities as a learner. Consider the impact of your own mindset on your learning and achievement over the years and whether teachers have helped you to develop a growth mindset. Reflect on types of expectations or learning goals they held for you and whether they provided alternative pathways for you to achieve those goals?
Post your response to the following, based on your reflections and considerations above:
Write a description of a student who exhibits a fixed mindset and explain action steps you might take to shift this student’s fixed mindset to a growth mindset.
Be sure to include information from this Module’s Learning Resources to support your ideas.
0% Plagiarism
Please use the attached resources to cite within the text.
Please use 2 additional resources to cite

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