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Chan is missing

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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After you watch the film, you will write a 550-650 word REVIEW using the
guidelines below. Your paper MUST be within the required length!
The movie choices: choose one of the following
Chan is Missing
The Watermelon Woman
Mosquita & Mari
• Be sure you read the WRITING GUIDELINES for the course for overall
formatting guidelines and instructions. But a reminder:
a. ALWAYS italicize a film’s title (or put in quotes)
b. Identify characters by name, as well as the actors who play them.
(Remember: if you refer to the ACTOR, it is appropriate to use their
surname – i.e., “Ford plays Han Solo with great charm” rather than
“Harrison plays Han Solo…”)
c. Credit other film technicians where appropriate (director, writer, DP,
editor, etc.)
• You must include (see the sample):
o A credit block paragraph (must include writer, director, producer, top
actors, and film production company/distributor)
o A “star” rating of 1-4 (can include ½ stars) or “Letter grade”
o A summary sentence of your review
o A complete review of 500-600 words
• Tips:
o Only tell as much synopsis as you need to – usually, that’s just the basic
“situation” and the intended action.
o Think about what makes the film DIFFERENT – either in a positive or
negative way

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