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For physical, i get stomach aches that are usually caused by nervousness.

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments

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Respond to 2 discussion post. responses should include 50-75words.
Edward Enzbigilis
My current stress and symptoms are the fact I work full time and also am a full-time student I have no time to decompress. What I have read is that yoga is great as an treatment for anxiety. I cannot see myself doing yoga though. One treatment I would love to try out is acupuncture I do not mind needles. If anyone has any good places for acupuncture, please let me know.
Isabel Venegas
Hello everyone,
My symptoms are easy to identify because I tend to dwell on them on a daily basis. My symptoms from stress are usually anxiety, stomach aches/upset stomach, fatigue, and anger. Using the holistic model, I am able to identify my symptoms to some of the components which can help me better understand how to identify my stress. For physical, I get stomach aches that are usually caused by nervousness. Sometimes it can be eating habits, but most of the time it is both. For mental, I get really bad anxiety, I get caught up in my head about everything which causes me to have sometimes severe anxiety doing daily tasks. Socially, I get very irritable and upset and I take it out on other people. To stop myself from doing so, I usually turn it onto myself which affects my self-esteem. I take probiotics daily to help with my stomach, especially because I already have a sensitive stomach, and stress on top of it does not help. I would say the best thing to do without taking medication would be to talk to someone. Whether it is seeking help or talking to someone you are close with and expressing your thoughts inflicted by stress. I also think that your diet heavily inflicts how your body will feel when dealing with stress. I do my best to drink lots of water and eat certain things that I know will make my body feel good.

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