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I’ve uploaded the critique guidelnes, rubric, and example papers.

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Natural Science | 0 comments

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The Critique is based off a research paper:
The paper should be 3-3.5 pages long (no more than that). The reference list doesn’t count towards the page requirement. The citation should be in the Journal of Neuroscience format, including the reference list. The paper is worth 20% of my final grede so PLEASE follow the rubric and guidelines to the T. You only need to include refences in the Background, and they can be from the refences of the target paper—you don’t need to search outside that, although you can.
I’ve uploaded the Critique guidelnes, rubric, and example papers. I’ve also uploaded the target paper (Rilling et al., 2021) as a pdf.

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