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Knowledge and understanding of the issue or policy in u.s. politics

by | Sep 20, 2022 | American History | 0 comments

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Current Event Analysis Paper:
You may choose an article from the Texas Tribune. This is best as the link generally works and I have no issue reading your article.
If you choose any other newspaper be sure you PDF the article because I do not have a subscription. This results in no credit.
Please open the example CE paper to see the correct format for this assignment. Choose a news article from the Texas Tribune or another newspaper only from the week you submit your paper.
Analyze the issue that the news article is reporting about.
Your six-paragraph opinion paper must include: NO QUOTATIONS – write this only in your words.
Must be 2 full pages with headers in Word only (see example)
The title page must include Student name, date, Name of newspaper publication, publication link, author(s), headline, course, and section, professor name.
The title page does not count as one of the two pages
Headers must be included for each paragraph – (see the example paper and the headers below)
PDF of news article must be attached or no credit is given. Go back into the assignment and attach the news article in the comment section of the assignment after you submit through Turnitin.
Double spaced
12pt New Times Romans
The article must be from within the week you submit your paper.
You must write your analysis in only your own words.
No quotations are allowed.
The CE analysis must demonstrate your:
Knowledge and understanding of the issue or policy in U.S. politics
Describe in your conclusion how this issue impacts the rights and responsibilities of citizens in the political process.
These are the six headers you must have before each paragraph:
(Overview) This is where you sum up the who, what, where, when, why and or how of the news article.
(Background) This is where explain/answer the background of the issue and reason this news event has occurred.
(Position government branch/agency) The header here will be whatever the news story is about. If your news story is about the legislative branch then that is what your header will say. This paragraph will explain/answer why or how this branch of government – agency etc.. has oversight or jurisdiction of this issue and what they are doing about it.
(Position -Rights of Citizens) This is where you explain/answer the rights citizens have regarding the issue. Why does government/agency etc… have the right to do what they are doing as it relates to citizen’s rights not being violated.
(Position – Responsibility to Citizens) This is where you explain/answer the government’s/agency etc… responsibility to citizens – such as why does the government/agency/ etc..
(Conclusion – Impact on rights and responsibilities of citizens in the political process) – Sum up in your own words how you think this issue will impact people when they vote.
Choose one of the following areas:
U.S. Constitution
political party systems
checks and balances
separation of powers
a civil right issue
illegal immigration and the impact on the nation
border patrol related issues
new legislation passed
the executive office or the bureaucracy
federal court
CE Rubric grading:
Length – 50 pts off
Not a news article – no credit
Grammar and Spelling 15 pts. off
No Title Page 20 pts. off
If link does not work and no PDF is attached – no credit
No headers included in paper- 50 pts. off
Quotations were used- 90 pts. off
Knowledge and understanding of the issue or policy in politics was not explained or provided – 50 pts. off
Conclusion did not describe in your conclusion how this issue impacts the rights and responsibilities of citizens in the political process – 50 pts. off
NO CREDIT if the paper is a summary and not an Analysis – as this means you did not do the assignment in accordance with the rubric.
NO credit if it is not a Current Event. Do not submit a history paper or a paper you wrote for another class and try to rewrite it as a current event.
You may not submit any current event paper you submitted from a previous class.
A broken link on the title results in no credit because I cannot verify you wrote about a news story if I cannot locate and read the article you used.
NO credit if the software is not compatible with Canvas so the file will not open.
Only Word is accepted into Canvas which you have in your Galveston College Outlook account. Canvas does not recognize GDocs, Apple Pages or Notes, or any other software.

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