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Part 2: my chinajapan illustration

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Anthropology | 0 comments

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Read: Hall, Stuart. 1993. “The West and the Rest: Discourse and Power.” In Formations of Modernity, edited by Stuart Hall and Bram Gieben, 184-227. Oxford: Polity Press.
Part 1: My Three MITs (Most Interesting/Important Topics)
Identify the three topics in Hall’s article you found to be most interesting or important and briefly discuss what you found particularly interesting or important about them and why. Format Part 1 using bullets or numbering.
[MIT 1]
[MIT 2]
[MIT 3]
Part 2: My ChinaJapan Illustration
Find a story, article, book, website, film, piece of music or literature, etc., etc., about China or Japan that illustrates one of your MITs. Consider, as an example of what we’re shooting for, the way we used the Ian Johnson articles in the NY Times to illustrate related issues of cultural lenses, ethnocentrism, globalization, cultural difference, etc. Find something out there in the globosphere related to China and/or Japan that similarly illustrates one of your chosen MITs. Discuss this illustration, the connections, or the disconnections or contradictions, if that’s what you find. Think creatively and critically.

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