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See addendum for scenario

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The Use of the EHR with the Interdisciplinary Team: Improving Quality and Safety Group QSEN activity. Students will
work in two assigned case studies (A) that involves a negative patient outcome related to improper use of the EHR
(electronic health record) and ineffective communication amongst the interdisciplinary team and (B) case which has a
positive outcome as a result of proper use of the HR and effective communication amongst the interdisciplinary
team. Each group is to submit a 3-5-page APA-style (7th ed.) paper that includes an overview of the case including any
relevant information, the role of the interdisciplinary team, and answering six-eight questions pertaining to the
assigned students will also present the concepts of the EH, communication, role of the interprofessional team, and
workflow. These concepts are all connected to informatics in healthcare (see rubric). See addendum for scenario

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