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The code sets of icd10-cm are used by all hipaa covered entities.

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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In this activity, you will begin reviewing the basic foundations for this course. First, we will become acquainted with the ICD-10-CM manual (orange book), the book’s structure, and ICD-10-CM official guidelines and conventions. This will help you get started in how to abstract, assign, and arrange diagnosis codes.
The code sets of ICD10-CM are used by all HIPAA covered entities. Coding is consistent with terminology used in American medical practices for tracking and billing patient encounters.
For this discussion forum, answer and provide an example of the following:
What is ICD-10-CM and what does it stand for?
Choose one convention and one guideline from your ICD-10-CM manual and describe the convention and guideline you chose: Conventions (ICD-10-CM, pages G3-G4); Guidelines (ICD-10-CM, pages G7-G33).

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