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The topic is defined by the relationship between an independent and a dependent

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Social Work | 0 comments

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The annotated bibliography project
I. The design of the project
For this project, students are required to write two annotated bibliographies (defined
below) about the same research topic.
The topic is defined by the relationship between an independent and a dependent
variable, such as “The impact of living arrangement on loneliness.” In this case, living
arrangement is the independent variable, and loneliness is the dependent variable.
Once it is determined, students need to find two journal articles on this topic and write
an annotated bibliography for each. In the end, students need to compare the two studies
about their similarities and differences.
So, this project is composed of the following three sections:
1) defining the topic
2) finding two articles and completing two annotated bibliographies
3) comparing the two cited studies
II. What is the format of an annotated bibliography?
An annotated bibliography consists of two components: the Citation and the Annotation
(or comments).
• Citation
For this class, the citation should be formatted in APA style (shown below).
• Annotation
Each annotation is approximately 150-250 words in length in one paragraph. It should
include the following information:
The purpose of the study
A brief summary of the data source
The major findings regarding the dependent and independent variable
Your comments
Are the findings as expected?
Would you change the study in any way if you were to conduct the same
research in the future?
III. APA format
The following is an example of a citation that follows the APA style.
D’Elia, G., Jorgensen, C., Woelfel, J., & Rodger, E. J. (2002). The impact of the Internet on
public library use: An analysis of the current consumer market for library and Internet
services. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and
Technology, 53(10), 808-820. doi:10.1002/asi.10102
IV. Where to find the articles
The two articles have to be from academic journals, not from popular magazines or
newspaper. I’d recommend the following source.

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