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This week we will:

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Answer the following questions in a short paragraph (6-8 sentences total) and be sure to include at least two concrete examples from the readings:
In what ways did New York City and New York Colony change in the years before the Revolution?
According to the narrative in Bird’s book, what was the impact of the American Revolution on New York city?
What was the significance of John Randel’s grid? What did it do? What did it not do?
This week we will:
– Become familiar with the the major themes and issues in American urban history after the Revolution.
– Analyze primary and secondary sources
– Discuss the process of research
– Develop a research question
M 9/19 & W 9/21
Development of Early American Cities; Urban versus Rural Visions of the early Republic, c. 1740-1825
Reading Due Monday:
Primary Sources on Canvas:
Alexander Hamilton Interacts with His Peers and Social Inferiors in Philadelphia, 1744
Josiah Quincy, Jr., Laments Revolutionary Mob Action in Boston, 1765
Estwick Evans Describes the Exotic but Immoral City of New Orleans, 1818
Historian’s Essays on Canvas:
Peter Thompson, Managing Social Conflict in Philadelphia’s Taverns
Bradford Verter, Interracial Festivity and Power in Albany, New York
A reading response journal is due on Canvas by 3:30 PM Monday.
Reading Due Wednesday:
Bird, A Block in Time, Chapters 3-4 (pages 26-49)
A reading response journal is due on Canvas by 3:30 PM Wednesday.

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