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Where you, or another lpn, have been asked to do things that are out of your scope of practice?

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments

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I. Personal Transition (15 Points)
 Identifies personal motivation for progressing in nursing – Why become an RN?
 Identifies challenges and potential barriers to successful transition – What do you think will be most
difficult about going back to school to become a RN?
 Readiness for transition to RN role. Tell me why you think you are ready!
II. Research of Professional Transition (20 Points)
 Defines “professionalism” and describes characteristics of nursing that qualifies it as a profession.
 Cites the legal scope of practice for both the LPN and the RN, and explains the differences between
both scopes of practice.
III. Role Development Identification (15 Points)
Identifies examples from personal practice/experience that illustrate:
 Differences in LPN and RN role responsibilities. – What do you think the differences are? What
have you seen in your work environment?
 Role blurring between LPN and RN roles. – What opportunities in your workplace have you seen
where you, or another LPN, have been asked to do things that are out of your scope of practice?
Give examples.
IV. Role Concepts for RN Practice (20 Points)
 Explains the RN responsibility for the development and management of a client’s plan of care
 Discuss the RN role as a collaborative member of the interdisciplinary health care team
V. Professional Writing Requirements (Mechanics)/Research/APA formatting (30 points)
Please refer to the Writing Mechanics Rubric on the next 2 pages for the following categories: writing
process, introduction, paragraphs, conclusion, organization, sources, critical thinking, citations,
formatting, & conventions. This includes, but is not limited to:
 Title and reference pages, conforming to the selected format (APA) such as 12 point font, double
spacing, and 1 inch margins. Paper must be at least 5 pages long (not including title and reference
pages). Writing must be organized, clear, concise, and logical, and be written with correct grammar,
spelling, punctuation, and sentence and paragraph structure.
 At least 3 professional and reliable resources must be referenced in your paper, and these resources
must come from at least 2 different professional media. All information and data that is not part of
your own knowledge base, any work which is not your own, and any quotations, must be cited
correctly using APA format.
Final Paper:
Electronic copy submitted by 11:59 p.m. October 1st. 5 points will be deducted for lateness.
Turn It In Originality Report Score ≤25% (required) Yes/No
Total Points Earned/Comments: Must earn a >75 to be a successful (S) grade
Re-Write/Revision Required? YES / NO If Yes, rationale:

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