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▪ “interracial relationships are welcomed in this generation.”

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Creative Writing | 0 comments

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Write a three to four pages paper about Institutional Racism AND Social Injustices. The following
are steps to completing this essay.
Step One: Choose a topic:
▪ Natural Hair in the Workplace
▪ Discrimination Against Interracial Relationships
▪ Football Fields becoming Slave Fields
▪ Hyper Sexual Black Women and Criminal Black Men in the Media
▪ Find and/or make one of your own
Step Two: Choose a stance:
▪ “Discrimination against Natural Hair DOES NOT exist in the Work Place.”
▪ “Interracial Relationships are welcomed in this generation.”
▪ “Football players are not free to do what they want; therefore, they are slaves.”
▪ “Black Women and Black Men are almost always seen on screen as one – dimensional.”
Step Three: Find three resources to support your stance.
Step Four: Close the essay strongly.
The essay can include a reaction/personal position on current events and topics or previous
occurrences. However, the paper is a student position piece utilizing the above definition of
critical thinking. The paper must be a minimum of three full pages in length, double spaced, and
submitted in MLA or APA format.
This assignment will challenge students to apply critical thinking skills to the above topic

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