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1) for introduction

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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1) For introduction
– Give definition about climate change
– Provide several current consequences of climate change and why should humans worry about it
– What will be the future consequences?
2) For the main body paragraph
– Aim for 2 paragraphs, each paragraph must talk about actions suggested to tackle climate change impacts
– For each body paragraph select 2 countries; Sweden and Denmark, discuss the actions their government have undertaken to tackle climate change (what have they done to tackle climatee change) and what benefits will results from these actions
3) For the conclusion
– Summarize the information
– Please write it in clearly and concisely, use linking words so that each sentences in the paragraphs have flow
– I will attach the first part of the writing and please continue it from that. The first part that I will attach is the introduction of the essay, so if it’s not good do change it.

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