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On chapter 10 in the text, focus on what a Code of Compliance may look like for a health care organization.
Review sections IIIA (Regulatory Compliance) and IIIB (Summary of Applicable Laws) which address general regulatory compliance and a summary of applicable laws.
There are ten applicable laws listed. After you have reviewed these laws discuss at least three (3) in at least a 2-page paper (double-spaced).
Explain at least 3 requirements of the law (3 points), why the law was needed (2 points), and at least 3 other historical factors about the law (5 points).
For each law (total 20 points each)
Additionally, use the objective/subjective format, discussing what you think about the laws (5 points). Are they good? Why? Would you change them if you could? Why and how? Is the current political environment supportive of your proposed changes? (10 points)

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