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Apa format is used throughout when appropriate or called for.

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Write a comprehensive medical report on a disease we have studied up to this point. Be sure to include all relevant medical history, testing/diagnostics, treatment options, and recommended plan of action. Paper should be in APA format and 4–6 pages
Details associated with discussion/diagnostic determination on possible disease with differential diagnosis are complete and comprehensive.
Details associated with the explanation of testing methods are complete and comprehensive.
Use of correct medical vocabulary with comprehension of material is present to support the issue.
Details associated with the suggested treatments and potential outcome of disorder are present to support the issue.
Introduction catches the reader’s attention, provides compelling and appropriate background information, and clearly states the topic.
Well organized document with an appropriate introduction.
Transitions are thoughtful and clearly show how ideas relate.
Conclusion leaves the reader with a sense of closure and provides concluding insights.
Writing follows conventions of spelling and grammar throughout that helps establish a clear idea and aid the reader in following the writer’s logic.
APA format is used throughout when appropriate or called for.

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