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Be sure to include a brief quotation.

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The Gilded Age was a period of profound and enduring change in American life. Additionally, the features of the Gilded Age—economic growth, technological innovation, mass urbanization and immigration, as well as wealth and income inequality—have given us an enduring object lesson (and metaphor) for understanding American society.
Complete all three tasks below to receive full points on this discussion assignment:
TASK 1: Read the assigned readings for The American Yawp AND the following two short articles:
The Washington Post, “Why a Republican Strategist Thinks We’re in a New Gilded Age”
Brookings Institution, “New Census Figures on Income Inequality Bode Poorly for Social Mobility”

New Census Figures on Income Inequality Bode Poorly for Social Mobility

Encyclopedia of Chicago, “Business of Chicago”
TASK 2: Post a 600-word, two-paragraph response to the question: Are we living in a new Gilded Age?
Be sure to address the following issues in your post:
Paragraph One (approx. 400 words total): Referring to The American Yawp, describe the basic features/major developments of the Gilded Age. Be sure to include a brief quotation. Again, citation should be an MLA-style parenthetical citation that includes “Locke and Wright” (the last names of the editors of the book) and the inclusive page number(s). For instance, if you’re reading the online version of the textbook without page numbers, your
citation should look like this: (Locke and Wright). If you’re reading the PDF version with page numbers your citation should look like this (Locke and Wright 429) or (Locke and Wright 429-430).
Also highlight TWO SPECIFIC EXAMPLES regarding the Gilded Age economy from “Business of Chicago.” Also be sure to include one short quotation from the reading along with a corresponding citation that looks like this: (Encyclopedia of Chicago).
Paragraph Two (approx. 200 words): Using one of the assigned readings above, describe the ways contemporary America resembles the Gilded Age. Summarize the reading of your choice and highlight two issues from today that resemble Gilded Age. Also include one short quotation from the reading; also include the author’s name and year of publication in a parenthetical citation at the end of the sentence that comprises the quotation.

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