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Here are some important highlights about the scc project:

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Special Education | 0 comments

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Please note attached: This Week 4 assignment is only a sample of the curriculum charts you will complete for the final project in Week 7. In the Week 7 curriculum project assignment, El/SPED students will be required to post a minimum of 20-days of separate and different curriculum charts (this is 20 separate days/charts). For Secondary students, the requirement is 18-weeks of separate and different curriculum charts (this is 18 separate weeks/charts).
Here are some important highlights about the SCC project:
1) This project demonstrates your ability as a curriculum designer. While some elements may relate to your student teaching/current teaching experience, you will align your project with the posted licensure track (elementary/SPED or secondary) degree specific project instructions and these examples. Write the SCC for in-person learning not virtual hybrid learning. The attached examples are the example/templates.
2) SPED CANDIDATES, follow the examples for SPED and ELEM candidates even if you are planning to teach SPED at the secondary level (high school, one subject area). SPED candidates must complete the project as elementary candidates do because SPED candidates must show competencies in all 4 core subjects (math, English, science, social studies). Therefore, SPED candidates must complete their project and create learning activities in all 4 core subject areas: math, English, science, social studies.
3) You can add to or edit the legend but do not delete the posted elements.
4) For all projects in this course use state standards not district standards.
5) Again, per APA, you may only use 10% paraphrased materials that are fully documented with in-text citation and references (in other words, you are not using the block plans or lessons from your district, your school, or a curriculum product—you are demonstrating your abilities as a curriculum designer).
I hope this is helpful.
Dr. Willard

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