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Move george and harry to the singers folder.

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Computer Science | 0 comments

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In this exercise, you will be working with files, directories, and sub-directories. You will be creating, moving, coping, renaming, deleting, and compressing files and folders.
Step-by-step instructions to follow to accomplish this assignment.
Open Word and type the name, Peter. Save this file to your Desktop, and name it Peter.
Create four more Word files in exactly the same manner as in step 1, and name them George, Harry, Joe, and Fred and save these files also to the Desktop.
Close Word and Create a folder on the Desktop and name it, Entertainment Lastname first name where Lastname is your last name and first name is your first name.
Then create two subfolders of Entertainment named, Singers and Dancers.
Move Peter from the Desktop and place it into the Entertainment folder.
Move George and Harry to the Singers folder. Then move Joe and Fred to the Dancers folder.
Copy Peter and place the copy into the Singers folder.
Joe has no rhythm and can’t dance. Delete the file Joe from the Dancers folder.
George took the stage name, Paul. Change the filename George to Paul.
Copy the Fred file and put the copy into the Dancers folder also. Rename the copied file to Ginger.
Harry had a sex change! He (or should I say she) is now Mary. Change the file named Harry to Mary.
Now Dancers should have Fred and Ginger
Singers should have Mary, Paul and peter
Your Entertainment Folder should have Dancers and Singers folders and file peter
Zip or compress the Entertainment Lastname first name HINT: Right Click on it—click Send To—Choose Zip or compress the folder and your. Zip File will be ready on the desktop.
Submit FMA assignment via Canvas.

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