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Reflect on one social determinant of health according to the healthypeople 2030 (you will need to research) as applied to this case in the realm of psychiatry and mental health.

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Select a patient that you examined during the last 5 weeks. Review prior resources on the disorder this patient has.
Conduct a Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation on this patient using the template provided in the Learning Resources. There is also a completed exemplar document in the Learning Resources so that you can see an example of the types of information a completed evaluation document should contain.
Develop an audio case presentation, based on your progress note of this patient, that includes chief complaint; history of present illness; any pertinent past psychiatric, substance use, medical, social, family history; most recent mental status exam; and current psychiatric diagnosis, including differentials that were ruled out.
Be succinct in your presentation, and do not exceed 8 minutes. Address the following:
Subjective: What details did the patient provide regarding their personal and medical history? What are their symptoms of concern? How long have they been experiencing them, and what is the severity? How are their symptoms impacting their functioning?
Objective: What observations did you make during the interview and review of systems?
Assessment: What were your differential diagnoses? Provide a minimum of three (3) possible diagnoses. List them from highest to lowest priority. What was your primary diagnosis, and why?
Reflection notes: What would you do differently in a similar patient evaluation? Reflect on one social determinant of health according to the HealthyPeople 2030 (you will need to research) as applied to this case in the realm of psychiatry and mental health. As a future advanced provider, what are one health promotion activity and one patient education consideration for this patient for improving health disparities and inequities in the realm of psychiatry and mental health? Demonstrate your critical thinking.
Include at least five (5) scholarly resources to support your assessment and diagnostic reasoning.
Case Study: Crisis Intervention
Diagnosis: Personality Disorder (Paranoia Disorder) and Mood Disorder
PR is 50 years old Caucasian male who reports” my family is out to get me”. He reports his wife has been cheating on him, but she doesn’t know that he is aware and that his co-worker is after his life while he goes to work, he is always cautious and alert and that he trusts no one. He denies Suicidal ideation and auditory or visual hallucination. P: Recommends seeing a Psychotherapist, Risperidone 2mg PO BID, Xanax 1mg PO BID, Melatonin 3mg QHS. Follow up in 4 weeks
SAMPLE UPLOADED: 6645 NRNP and PRAC Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation Template-2.doc
Size: 61.0 Kb
CSadock, B. J., Sadock, V. A., and Ruiz, P. (2015). Kaplan & Sadock’s synopsis of psychiatry (11th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.
Chapter 9, Anxiety Disorders
Chapter 10, Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders
Chapter 11, Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders
Chapter 31.11 Trauma-Stressor Related Disorders in Children
Chapter 31.13 Anxiety Disorders in Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence
Chapter 31.14 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Childhood and AdolescenceChapter 31, Child Psychiatry (Section 31.12 only)

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