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Scholarly articles can be found through the online campus library or database searches.

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Criminology | 0 comments

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YOUR APPROVED TOPIC: mistrust between youths and police
YOUR APPROVED RQ: Are youths’ trust in the police influenced by the adults in their lives?
The purpose of this lab assignment is to give you the opportunity to learn more about your approved topic and research question, as well as practice coming up with a hypothesis based on a theory. The use of quotes for this and all assignments in this class is prohibited. Everything must be summarized/paraphrased in your own words and properly cited.
Step 1: Review your APPROVED topic and research question that was provided for you in the comments/feedback section of Lab Assignment 1 in Blackboard.
Step 2: Write your approved topic and research question at the very top of the page (see template below).
Step 3: Locate a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed journal articles related to your topic/research question. I encourage you to use the online NCCU Shepard Library. Scholarly articles can be found through the online campus library or database searches. Begin your search at or (see instructions provided in blackboard located under the same folder as this assignment). Download and save the full articles (you will need to attach the full articles when submitting this lab assignment.
Step 4: Create a reference list for the articles from Step 3. Do not forget to format your reference list in APA style. You must also alphabetize your references by the first author’s last name.
Step 5: Under each citation, include the following information (FYI – your summaries can be in paragraph form or bullet points. However, if you choose to use bullet points for this assignment, keep in mind that you will eventually have to convert it into paragraph form when combining your sections for your final research proposal):
1. Identify the purpose of the study, including the research question and/or hypothesis.
2. Describe the methods used in the study.
3. Summarize the major findings (conclusions) of the study.
4. Explain what you have learned about your chosen topic/research question based on this one particular article/study.
Additionally, when reviewing each article, take note of the following:
a. As you go through the articles, pay attention to trends and patterns. For instance, if two or more of your articles reported similar findings, make note of that.
b. Identify gaps in the literature. These gaps will be important once you get to Step 6; that is, what areas has not yet been explored (or are under-explored)? Pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of each study.
c. Stay focused. It is easy to lose track of your topic and research question. Make sure that the articles you summarize are, indeed, relevant to your topic/research question.
Step 6: At the very end, discuss (in one paragraph) how your proposed research will contribute to our understanding of your topic that has not already been addressed by the four articles that you have just summarized.
Step 7: Think about a theory that can be applied to your topic and provide a brief overview of this theory. Remember that theories are meant to explain a phenomenon (e.g. crime or deviance). Review Chapter 2 of your textbook for more information about how theories help us formulate hypotheses (i.e., make predictions). Also, the theory you choose does not have to be a criminological theory; instead, it can be a sociological theory or a psychological theory).
Step 8: Based on the theory and knowledge that you have gained from your review of the literature, come up with at least one hypothesis that you would like to test. You can revisit the sample articles that utilized survey research (provided to you back in a previous learning module). You can reference their literature review section so that you have an idea about what yours should look like. A good article to reference is the Cambareri and Kuhns (2018) article (see page 342, under the section titled, Summary of the Literature and Focus of Study.”
Step 9: Attach the four articles that you have summarized when submitting this lab assignment. Failure to attach ALL four articles will result in an automatic zero for this lab assignment.

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