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This tournament can be in any sport you choose.

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Sports and Athletics | 0 comments

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Students, working in groups of 2 OR working independently, will develop a bid proposal and presentation for a hypothetical NCAA championship tournament with Nichols College as the host. This tournament can be in any sport you choose. This NCAA tournament will include 10 teams from different Universities. You will evaluate various host locations in and around Nichols College (and the surrounding areas) and select the most appropriate venue(s) and facilities for your bid. Ultimately, students will provide a comprehensive written bid proposal and pitch their bid in a class presentation.
SECTION I – Spectator Ticketing Procedures and Ticket Sales
SECTION J – Marketing / Promotions / Broadcasting / Social Media / TV coverage
SECTION K – Financial Information / Budgeting
SECTION L – Community Engagement – How will this tournament benefit the locals?

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