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A good evaluation component strengthens the proposal from the funder’s perspective (winning grants, steps 6).

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Evaluation is a process that determines the impact, effectiveness, and efficiency of a program/project touted in a proposal. A good evaluation component strengthens the proposal from the funder’s perspective (Winning Grants, steps 6). Evaluation is far more than accountability for how grant funds will be used. Rather it is a mechanism for organizational capacity building that will enable your nonprofit to excel (Guide to Proposal Writing, Chapter 6).
Write an Evaluation Plan for your Proposal Idea. At the bottom of this post is an example of an Evaluation Plan.
As the reading for Foundation Center’s Guide to Proposal Writing points out, some corporations and foundations may ask specifically for a Logic Model or Theory of Change (ToC). Logic Models and ToCs are methodologies for planning, participation, and evaluation used by companies, philanthropy, not-for-profit, research, and government sectors to promote social change. You can find out more on WK Kellogg Foundation’s logic model here. Though not required (unless your funder requires it), you can submit a ToC or Logic Model in addition to your Evaluation Plan. ToC.JPG
Logic Model Example
Logic Model.JPG
You can use a ToC as part of your evaluation. However, you must include a narrative based on the reading material. It is required that your initial posts be substantive, well-developed, and well-written, using proper grammar. Evaluation Plan Example: Measuring the Success of the Ridge, Kids and Stewards Program
Currently, program facilitators administer both a pretest and a posttest to youth participants in order to measure what information is learned by the students during the six-week program. At the conclusion of each session, we also ask participating teachers to complete a detailed evaluation questionnaire so we can continue to find ways to improve an already excellent program.
The Ridge, Kids and Stewards (RDK) program is also regularly evaluated by an outside panel of professional evaluators. Because it is our goal to teach young people to become stewards of the environment, the RKS program coordinator and others are working to develop a more sophisticated, yet practical, evaluation process in order to measure the long-term impact of the program on youth who participate.

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