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Be constructive and respectful.

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Read AHIMA article titled “Data Quality Management Model (Updated)”, which can be found here Data Quality Management Model (Update)
Identify two attributes now yet discussed by your classmates (e.g. accuracy, currency). For each attribute, identify potential adverse effects on patient care and/or facility operations that may occur should each of these attributes not be present. Identify what is your role is as an HIT professional for ensuring the quality attributes in the health record.
You will need to post 1 original reply and 1 response to another student in order to receive full credit.
In your communication with other students, please:
Expand on or clarify an important point.
Offer an additional argument to support a position taken in an answer.
Suggest ways in which an idea could be more clearly expressed.
Identify passages where you think the writer misunderstood a concept or applied it incorrectly.
Disagree with a point or position made in an answer.
If you disagree with the views of another student, please:
Be constructive and respectful.
Politely critique a position on an issue, but not the person.
Avoid sarcasm, swearing, or language that would be considered rude or argumentative.
State precisely the point you disagree with.
Offer reasons why you think their view is incorrect and support your position by citing the text or other sources.
Source: to an external site.

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