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Essays will be scored holistically using all slos for the course and calibrating with the following percentages:

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English 1301—Narrative Essay: Moment Learned 3-4 typed pages, 6-8 paragraphs, 750-1000 words
For this essay assignment, you will need to recreate a moment when you truly learned something. The professional model for this narrative is the Frederick Douglass excerpt from his first autobiography, “From Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave.” Notice how Douglass uses description, dialogue, and commentary to develop an understanding of his view on the importance of literacy and how that moment of epiphany opened up to him. Use the same techniques in your own essay. You can also use italics to indicate your own inner monologue in a scene. Take some time to think of a moment you want to recreate for a reader, a moment when you had a sudden insight or you recognized something about yourself or the world around you.
Begin brainstorming by thinking about details that would make an interesting introduction. Create a scratch outline, list, map, or cluster to begin organizing your essay. Decide what parts of the essay should be shown in a scene with dialogue and what parts you can tell in narrative or commentary. Review the materials on how to write dialogue and remember to use description to bring the scene alive. You should have anywhere from 4-6 paragraphs in the body of the essay. Your conclusion should be a somewhat explicit statement of just what you learned and leave your audience with any wise advice you’ve gained. Try to create a topic sentence for each and every paragraph. Use transitions and patterns of development to organize each and every paragraph. Edit and revise your essay after you have received feedback from your peers and professor. Make sure your sentences are clear and free from errors.
Synthesis Essay
Synthesis Essay
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Summative Assessment
Essays will be scored holistically using all SLOs for the course and calibrating with the following percentages:
SLO1 15% Student has written two publishs and participated in feedback groups.
SLO2 15% Student uses dialogue in the essay with correct verb tense, attribution, and punctuation.
SLO3 40 % Paragraphs incorporate detail and commentary to bring the moment to life for a reader.
SLO4 15% Student shows an awareness of narrative structure after reading the Douglass excerpt.
SLO5 15% Sentences are edited and free from errors.
100 pts
Total Points: 100

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