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Ever heard someone say they heard something from someone else about something?

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Follow the directions below for the completion of the Annotated Bibliography assignment for Unit II. If you have questions, please email your professor for assistance.
Purpose: The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to summarize the sources that you have gathered to support your research proposal project. These summaries help you to think about the complex arguments presented in your sources.
Description: In this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography consisting of seven sources. Each entry will consist of a reference list citation, a summary of the source’s information, and a one-sentence assessment. Each annotation should be between 150 to 200 words. If an entry is shorter than 150 words, it is likely you have not fully developed your summary, and this lack of development can severely impact your grade for this assignment.
You now know that you will be engaged in a research project for the rest of this course. Your investment in the outcome of the project often has a good deal of reliance upon the topic about which you choose to write. The more interest you have in your topic, the more you will be driven to learn more about it and to write about it, so you want to choose a topic that will hold your interest as you learn about the process of writing a research paper.
Use some of the following questions to help shape a reflection upon the topic you are considering for your research paper.
Think about some of your favorite subjects. What interests you the most? What ideas do you have about a topic? You may want to mention and then briefly explain three ideas that you have, pointing out the topic idea that is most appealing to you.
What thoughts do you have about the topic right now (prior to researching it)? What do you expect to find when you research the topic? What do you hope to learn about? What are some of your assumptions right now?
Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.
For my first official journal entry leading into my research paper, I will be discussing the current climate of the music industry and its effect on urban and suburban communities. Are record companies still relevant in 2022. Are they stilled viewed as the gate keepers for anyone aspiring to enter the entertainment industry. Now currently in 2022, also moving forward does recording contracts have as much value and benefits and brand sponsorships.
The very music that was once on the border lines of being viewed as outlawed and illegal in this country, because of its content and the influence that it had on the youth of urban culture and communities. Are now begin widely accepted by the youth of suburban culture and communities.
Is it because of the social barriers that was once strongly enforced by the parents of kids of middle and upper class are now being ignored, because they are now the adults, and they were forbidden to listen to the music during that time in life. Or is it the fact that business world has realized the impact that it has on the world globally, and it is a multibillion-dollar industry that brings a lot of profit.
here are the instructions once again
In Unit One Tips we focused on the importance of facts in constructing an academic argument. While websites that promote theories such as that the Earth is flat are easy to dismiss, many are far more professional looking. As you construct the annotated bibliography for your academic argument, how do you know what sources will prove best for your paper? To understand how to find the best sources, it is first important to understand what sources are not useful for an academic argument:
Personal experience. While you may have many great experiences related to your topic, you probably are not a leading professional publishing often in peer-reviewed journals.
Secondhand information. Ever heard someone say they heard something from someone else about something? You probably wouldn’t place bets on it being true so don’t bet on it being accurate for a paper.
Blogs. Anyone can write a blog. Their goal is an audience so they will say anything to acquire that audience. Even if it sounds professional or they have credentials, there is no peer review.
Websites that support your opinions but are not professional. This one may sound odd, but sometimes we look for what we want to believe rather than for the truth.
Corporate websites meant to pitch a product.
Older sources.
Don’t forget to use current sources moving forward which will help demonstrate the relevancy of your viewpoints. Use sources no more than five years old for most topics, and even fresher such as from this year for topics addressing current policies and politics. Older sources are less effective and undermine your paper because culture, politics, science, technology and even weather trends are constantly changing.
Some newspapers or magazines that are written for entertainment rather than quality. Time, Newsweek, USA Today. These are written on a lower reading level to be infotainment rather than a professional source.
What is a great source then?
Look for essays that are peer-reviewed and published by experts in their field such as are commonly found in trade journals. Feel free to contact me if you are uncertain of a source.
Instead of a general website like WebMD, look for a current article in the Journal of American Medicine. Instead of a report issued by an industry to prove its own product is safe, find independent studies conducted by government entities. Instead of your own experience, find a peer-reviewed journal that can inform and support your experience.
Where do you find these great sources? If you are unfamiliar with how to use the Library, there are many ways to explore it!
You can also use websites such as Google Scholar which will automatically limit the search to peer-reviewed journals.
For your Annotated Bibliography due this week, there is an excellent example built into the assignment. Be certain to click on that sample to see what your assignment should look like.
7 sources 200 words

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