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Followed directions

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Reflection Paper – on all readings and experiences since day one of class. 75% opinion/25% fact. Single-spaced, delineating between all readings, using Business Style Writing.
Prof Note: This is an exercise in a) business style writing (the reader — your boss, me, a colleague at work, etc — should be able to skim and/or read in depth, finding each reading/idea easily; b) your opinion is ~75% and the facts from the reading only ~25%, bc your boss, me, your colleague at work etc. wants some of the facts for context but they’re more interested in what you think; c) as the assignment is described, there is room for your reflection non-readings — ie, issues discussed in class, or pretty much anything (epiphanies while walking to class, riding the bus, drinking your morning coffee, etc.) related to the class.
No set length for paper, but will be graded on effort and completeness and those who knock it out of the park, of course, will receive A’s.
Followed directions
Completeness — included all of the readings
Business Style Writing
Worth 2-3%, depending on how many “pop” quizzes or reflection papers we have.

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