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Make a claim and show what follows from it with clear, relevant, examples.

by | Sep 22, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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Write an essay about why one of the philosophers in Suprenant’s video seems to have the most promising thoughts about finding happiness by leading a Good Life.
Try to avoid a bias toward the present day and the popular (the mob, the crowd, the sheep, the herd, those who do not know) US idea of happiness following from following radical individualism.
We have the data. The US is far from the happiest place on Earth despite being among the most vehement about the glories of individualism.
In your essay, in a single paragraph or in two paragraphs, use the Thesis/Antithesis structure. Make a claim and show what follows from it with clear, relevant, examples. Make a counterclaim, the antithesis, and show what follows from that counterclaim.
For the whole of the essay, provide specific examples. Example–Not: “If we all followed Kant’s Categorical Imperative, society would be more fair and just.” Instead: “If they followed Kant’s Categorical Imperative, violent criminals might learn to understand the harm they have done to others, and to themselves, through violent actions. That would make it easier to accept the punishment they risk or receive. In turn, that could lead them to learn to use alternatives to violence. Kant’s Categorical Imperative would have helped them become happier, more productive, and no longer a danger to society or themselves.”
Your essay should cover how the philosopher might make you happier (why is the philosophy suited to you in particular), improve your relationships to family, friends, and others (how does this philosophy relate to how you interact with others), and solve problems–use a particular example–on the national or international scale (how might this philosophy affect economics, politics, international relationships, the environment)

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