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[please write at least 2 sentences]

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Please read through the Sexual Configurations Theory Zine (links at the end of the doc) and use this Zine as a framework for your reflection/exploration of your own sexuality.
You may use the diagram on page 14 to help you think about different dimensions of your sexuality (called regions in the SCT) and map your own sexual configuations island (see pages 11 and 12).
Be sure to think about the following areas on your map:
What do nurturance and eroticism mean to you?
What would you put on the solitary and partnered sides of your map?
Partner number region
Gender/sex Sexuality Region
Other aspects of sexuality Region
You may simply type your response after each prompt/question.
If you’d like, you may change the color of the font to more clearly indicate your responses.
One potential model for your reflection
(you do not need to include your completed table for this assignment)
Number of partners
Gender/sex sexuality
Other aspects of sexuality
General Reflection
Respond to each of the following sentences with thoughtful reflection that demonstrates your engagement with this activity.
This is the section you are being graded on.
What aspect or dimension of Sexual Configurations Theory did you find the easiest to map out? Why?
What aspect or dimension of Sexual Configurations Theory did you find the most challenging to map out? Why?
Sexual Configurations Theory is just one possible system for understanding sexuality.
What dimension(s) of sexuality do you think are most critical to understanding sexuality? Why?
What additional dimensions should be added? Why? I
t’s okay if your response here is broad or vague–it can be challenging to succinctly label something we’re just starting to think of. If you don’t think additional dimensions should be added, why?
What insight have you gained about yourself OR what insight can others gain about themselves by completing an activity like this? [please write at least 2 sentences]
Iantaffi, A., Barker, M.-J., Scheele, J., & van Anders, S. M. (2018). Mapping your sexuality: From sexual orientation to sexual configurations theory. Retrieved from
Version with alt text
van Anders, S.M., Beischel, W.J., & Schudson, Z.C. (2021). Sexual Configurations Theory, inclusion of trans people. (2021). in AE Goldberg & G Beemyn (Eds) The SAGE Encyclopedia of Trans Studies.

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