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Sign up for your topic quickly, since students will be limited to available presidents/policies/agendas.

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The Assignment:
HIST 1302 – This course covers Ch. 17 through Ch. 31. Pick a President from this time period ONLY!!
Excluded are Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, William Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Joseph Biden.
1. Research a presidential administration, Presidential Agenda, law, treaty or executive order to create your signature assignment essay. A good resource is: The Miller Center(Links to an external site.) The Miller Center should be used to select your topic, but MAY NOT be used as a source in your paper.
2. This is not a biographical paper but may include formative events that helped shape who he would become by his time in office
3. Place your essay in the context of the period, what was occurring, domestic or foreign, that led a US presidential response. Including but not limited to:
a. A brief background of the issue.
b. Compare and contrast possible solutions (both positive and negative) that the President could have chosen
c. Ultimately, what decision was made and why?
d. What affect did it have on society? What did this topic tell us about he culture or society at the time?
e. What were the consequences of this action (Positive and negative)?
4. If the decision needed to be made today, do you think the same would be made? Explain your response. Remember to not judge the past (presentism, see below)! It is, however, appropriate to compare the politics and culture of then and now.
Sign up for your topic quickly, since students will be limited to available presidents/policies/agendas. While it is possible to have multiple students pick the same president, two students may not write on the same event unless that event spans across multiple presidencies.
Your paper should be written and formatted in MLA, and all citations need to be in MLA style. You can find many websites that can show you how to do this. One such page is: Easy Bib
Use both primary and secondary sources to support your paper and to provide both historical context and analysis. You should use academic sources.
Students should use the Navarro College library’s website or librarians to find primary and secondary sources. Avoid popular websites. www.wikipedia,, and other similar sites should NOT be used. One good source is the Presidency Project.
All sources that you draw information from must be cited both in your work cited page and in-text citation is required when you quote or draw information directly from a source. When in doubt, cite it!
Include a simple heading on your paper with Name, Course and Section, and Date. A suggested title for your paper may be something like “James Madison and the (event)” or “Jimmy Carter and the (event)
Your paper should be a maximum of 1000 words. This does not include a title page (not required) or your works cited (required).
As you write your paper, remember to include a Works Cited page and, as per MLA rules, in-text citation of the information that you pulled from your sources. If your primary source is longer than 1 page, please use in-text/parenthetical citations for quotes, etc, pulled from the letter.
If you are unfamiliar with MLA, you should use standard margins, 12 point font, and in-text citations to cite your sources. There are many websites that discuss MLA formatting.
When writing beware of “Presentism.” Presentism is defined as “uncritical adherence to present-day attitudes, especially the tendency to interpret past events in terms of modern values and concepts.” You can find a good article on the subject here. I am not looking for a commentary on modern society, although a brief discussion of a connection to today may be appropriate. It should not detract from your overall paper, however. Keep your focus on what the assignment is.
Avoid “long quotes,” which are quotes that go longer than 5 lines of page space and are usually indented in total, and you should limit your quoting in your paper to less than 5%. Remember, the expectation is to see how you extract from the document to support your response, argument. Do not give long copy/paste exercise drawing from your secondary sources.
Do not use a paper that you have submitted to another class, even if that class was a previous attempt at HIS1301 and/or HIS1302. This is self-plagiarizing, and it will be viewed as plagiarism as well.
Your paper should be formatted in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx–all students get it free from their NC email program), even if you use a different program to type it up. It will be submitted online. There is only 1 submission allowed, and once graded, do not expect a second attempt if you have lost some/all points from the grade total.

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