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Students need to incorporate at least 3 references

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Communications and Media | 0 comments

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Orality and Literacy
The purpose of this paper is to further explore and critically evaluate the traditions of orality. In spite of technological advances, American Culture continues to pass on oral traditions with stories of moral fables, folklore, and urban legends. In this paper, students will be required to analyze one of these stories of their choosing.
Students should research a singular story that interests them. This should be th Find a story that sparks some interest.
Answer the following questions: These are not suggestions:
What are the origins of the story? For example, where did the story come from?
What is the purpose of the story? This is the students’ researched opinion
How long has the story been passed down?
Has the story changed from its original form?
What aspects of the story illustrate traditional word play? Think rhythm and poetic stances.
What movies have been produced based on these stories? Is the movie an accurate representation?
Paper Guidelines:
All papers should be 2-3 pages in length, not including works cited page/bibliography
All papers should be in APA or MLA format
Students need to incorporate at least 3 references
All papers must include a works cited page or bibliography
All papers should have a well-developed thesis.

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