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What is exciting about this field?

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Sports and Athletics | 0 comments

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Instructions for Sport Management research paper
1. Paper length must be a minimum of 5 pages including the cover page and references.
2. Your paper should start with the introduction of the topic. The intro should include the following:
a. State what the topic or profession is.
b. Why you choose it?
c. What are the challenges professionals face in this field today?
3. The body of your paper which must show you did your research. Explore the field as a whole. What is exciting about this field? What challenges and what has been done to improve the situation. What are salaries of professionals? You MUST use at least 10 sources for your paper. Use scholarly articles and peer reviewed articles. You are permitted to use an internet source BUT it must be approved by me to make sure it is credible.
4. Finally, explain what this profession will look like in the future.
5. You MUST use APA 7th edition writing style. The guide link is at the end of the instructions. Please use the guidelines for cover page, citing authors, and references. All papers must be double spaced using 11or 12 font Calibri or New Times Roman

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