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What was the outcome?

by | Sep 22, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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English 1010
What is Narration?
As a pattern, narration is….telling a story, a series of events (or a single event) in chronological order, recounting something that happened.
Narration includes not just what happened, but telling the story from an angle or viewpoint that proves what your thesis, the main point of your essay.
Select your details based on the dominant impression you want to leave the reader with. What kind of story are you telling? Is it funny, sad, sentimental?
1. Describe a major event in your life and what it taught you about yourself or others. What life lesson did you learn?
2. Write an account of a “first” you have experienced. What did that teach you? What life lesson did you take away? (Keep it classy please.)
Give some background and set up the story.
Think of all good introductions as funnels or a piece of pizza, where you make broader statements about your topic and then narrow it down to the point you’re trying to make at the end of the introduction, in the form of your thesis statement.
Include the thesis as the last statement of the introduction. Let your thesis hint at the lesson you learned, which you will elaborate on in the conclusion. Both prompts require you to give the lesson learned.
Example thesis statements:
Although I did not know it at the time, what happened during that day at the beach changed me forever.
If I had only known what that first job would teach me, I wonder if I would have ever applied in the first place.
**It’s important to remember where to start the story; you can’t tell all things from the beginning of time until now. Decide where you will start your action. Be specific.
**You have three body paragraphs, so think of dividing the story up into three phases, so each paragraph reflects one stage of the your story.
Paragraph 1 (Rising Action)
What was the conflict, problem, or event? What is the fist part of the story leading up to the high point (paragraph 2)?
Paragraph 2 (Climax of the Story)
How did the action unfold? What was the pinnacle of the story? If you were reading a story, this would be the top of the action.
Paragraph 3 (Falling Action)
What was the resolution or end of the story or event? How did it end? What was the outcome? Describe the last part of your narrative.
Conclusion (Personal Take-Away)
What lesson did you learn? How did this change you: Fulfill what you hinted at in the thesis.
Points to Remember
Use first person (I) or third person (he, she, it, they)
Do NOT use second person (YOU)
Use formal English. Avoid slang and contractions.
Use descriptive details
Be sure you have included the who, what, when, where, and why (when applicable)
A thesis statement cannot be a question or a list of points. It needs to be a point you prove in the body of your essay.
Do NOT use any sources. This is your story.
Use consistent verb tense; you will be telling your story from the past tense, so check your body paragraphs to make sure time is not confused.
Transitions are important in narration. They indicate the order of events and shifts in time. These are words like: first, second, next, then, later, at the same time, meanwhile, immediately, soon, before, earlier, after, now, finally.
Essay Requirements
Must be 800-1,000 words in length (this is about 4 pages double-spaced)
Must be 5 paragraphs only
Must be double-spaced
Must be 12 point font
Must be Times New Roman
Must have 8 sentences minimum per paragraph
Must have an MLA heading on the first page onl

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