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In a well-written paragraph (5 sentence minimum), answer/explain the following:
After reading Chapter 3: Counting and Principles of Counting, explain the difference between rote and rational counting.
rote counting – reciting numbers in order from memory (Brownwell, 2014, p.48)
rational counting- matching each number to an object in a collection (Brownwell, 2014, p.48)
What is your reaction to the authors’ criticism at end of Chapter 3 of the traditional way the calendar routine is done in preschool and kindergarten? Do you agree or disagree? Why?
(I loaded the file of the page from the textbook to use, the citation would be– (Brownwell, 2014, p.61)
Watch the video Movement Counts associated with this chapter. What is the value of matching movements to the counting words with one-to-one correspondence?
Note: You can either watch the video on the DVD that comes with the book or access it online at
Include the following information at the top of your paper.
Your Name
Name of Course (ECD 133: Science and Math Concepts/Instructor’s Name)
Title of Assignment

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