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Professional considerations

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments

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Case Study:
Identify an actual media case which includes ethical considerations. The case may involve national or local news media. The case must in some way involve one of the media: newspapers, magazines, books, TV, radio, movies, or the web. Choose a healthcare issue that interested you, or something that you have personal experience with.
Identify the ethical issue posed by the case and collect background information on the issue from multiple sources. You will need to explain:
how the issue has been handled by media
legal considerations
professional considerations
opinions of experts in the field. Basically, tell me everything the world knows about the ethical issue raised by your case.
Length: Description of the case should be at least one page. Research on the case should total at least five pages. Your paper will probably be both in narrative and bulleted form, as you think works best. Your consideration of how ethical theories relate to your case will be important. Your ethics study analysis should be APA 10-12 double-spaced, typewritten pages, including a title and reference page.

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