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Support your answer with the readings.

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Hello, I want you to answer the following question and make a citation from the attached file
Briefly explain the debate politicians and scientists continue to make regarding the link between violent video games and the violence we are experiencing in our society. Name at least 2 factors that are used to either support the argument that video games have an effect OR don’t have an effect on aggression. What is your opinion after the readings and the Playposit? Which factors do you think are most critical for the public to know in this debate. Support your answer with the readings.
make sure to Bulleted in-depth and detailed response with the minimum number of examples required by the question. Examples and reasoning for each point documented from the readings, Playposit and/or other material from the module (as opposed to personal opinion without references). References provided for each point made by giving either the author and date of the reading, the name of the Playposit, or other module reference (e.g., film- Raising of America)

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