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Trade places

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You are project manager of a project that has the objective of creating a new credit card that combines savings and investment in a single account that rewards members that stay within their savings goals by promising them higher interest rate rewards. Prior to your launch meeting, you learn that your team is split behind two team members that have conflicting ideas of how the service should work. One of the leaders is a senior manager with a strong portfolio of prior project successes that wants this service to be targeted only at the over 40 empty nester crowd. A younger manager fresh off the most recent project launch has support for an alternative aimed at the “dinks – double income, no kids” younger market.
Submit a reply stating how you would prepare to manage this conflict using each of the guidelines from this week’s readings as the objective of your proposed action or proposed readiness (an action you will take if needed).
Prevent the conflict
Acknowledge the conflict
Frame the conflict
Focus on interests
Trade places
Separate identifying and selecting
Agree on process, not outcome

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