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What options and or benefits should be offered as a severance package; and

by | Oct 4, 2022 | Human Relations | 0 comments

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Assignment #5
The company where you work as an HR representative has just been purchased by a major conglomerate that emphasizes profit (and a return to shareholders in the form of dividends and increased stock prices). The previous owners of the company (that was privately owned) tended to emphasize a family environment.
One of your co-workers is a long-time employee with over 40 years of experience working in various capacities for the company. Over time, this worker’s production has diminished to the point where this person (who is now well over 70 years old) is essentially getting a paycheck to simply come to work.
After hiring an outside consultant to conduct a manpower study, the new owners have directed HR to terminate this employee’s relationship with the company.
Please prepare a memorandum that advises upper management:
What legal risks (if any) the company might face in terminating this employee.
What your recommendation is regarding the termination of this employee.
If the decision to terminate the employee is affirmed:
What options and or benefits should be offered as a severance package; and
What process should HR undertake in going through the actual termination process with the affected employee?
(Hint: this is not a project that you will find one article on Google to guide you through it—you may have to do some additional digging and generate some independent thought.)
Assignment 5- Employee TerminationAssignment 5- Employee Termination

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