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Concise, single sentence.

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Complete blank Outline Template (attached below titled Blank Outline Template) with information provided attachment titled Chiropractic – Informative Outline Template. If you can revise and improve upon it, I would appreciate it. I also attached a sample of what the professor wants (attached below titled SAMPLE – Informative Speech Full Sentence Outline).
Develop a working publish to your informative speech. Be sure to use the proper outlining symbols. You may revise and rework this publish as you continue to develop your informative speech over the next few weeks.Be sure to include the following parts to the introduction:
I. Attention grabber
II. Purpose statement. Concise, single sentence. “I will inform you about ….”
III. Statement of audience relevance. Why should they care about the speech/topic? What’s the payoff?
IV. Statement of speaker credibility. What’s your relationship to the topic. What makes you credible?
Outline properly and use the correct format. You may use the outline template.
Keep your main ideas simple! Make sure they are distinct/separate.
Have 3 main ideas. They should be organized (across/within) using the patterns discussed.
Develop and support your main ideas. Incorporate at least one reference in each main idea (“According to…”).
Use informative strategies.
Don’t forget to write transitions between your main ideas (internal summary, link, internal preview – “In summary….Next….”)
Do not plagiarize. If you are taking material directly from a reference, put it in quotes ” ” and give the source credit. To give the source credit, tell us where the information is coming from in the speech (According to…” Be sure to include a citation (source, year) in the body of the outline too, which should match up with your reference list.

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