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For hartman’s article only cite from “the anarchy of colored girls assembled in a riotous manner” from “wayward lives, beautiful experiments” (2019)

by | Oct 5, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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Both Anand Giridharadas and Saidiya Hartman identify not doing something as a threat to the status quo. Giridharadas claims public intellectuals “pose a genuine threat to winners” (92) in part because they refuse to provide easy, quick fixes to larger systemic problems; Hartman identifies the “not doing, withholding, nonparticipation, the refusal to be settled or bound by contract to the employer (or husband)” (243) as a threat to the social order.
Citing textual evidence from both Giridharadas and Hartman to substantiate your analysis, compose an original essay in response to the following question: In what ways is the status quo threatened by actionable resistance to authority?
For Giridharadas article only cite from the chapter “The Critic and the Thought Leader” from “Winner Takes All”
For Hartman’s article only cite from “The Anarchy of Colored Girls Assembled in a Riotous Manner” from “Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments” (2019)

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